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Behind every great woman is another great woman! Join Julie and Lilly as they mix up cocktails, conversation, and celebrate the bold steps they are taking in their lives. Cheers to us! 

Mind On Our Money!

🎉Are you a spender or a saver? Tune in as Lilly and Julie spill the tea on their recent shopping adventures and the unexpected 'bonus' gift they got, but didn’t want!🧢 🛍️ Join the fun with a sweet and tangy Pineapple Whiskey Sour in hand as they dish about their financial fobbles and bold financial future plans. 💸 Share your best financial hacks and let us know if you'd have negotiated harder than Lilly for her latest purchase! Stick around until the end to find out what they're toasting and tuning. Cheers, friends! 🥂

Pink Ladies with Paka Passports!

🎉 Get ready for a side-splitting adventure as Lilly and Julie embark on a journey of bold decisions in the latest uproarious episode! 🌟 From daring moves like relocating countries to quitting jobs, their path to a fearless future is nothing short of hilarious - complete with passport-wielding cats! 🐾 Join the fun as they craft the perfect concoction, The Pink Lady, while sharing their secrets to staying true to their bold aspirations. Don't miss out on the laughs and life lessons - tune in now for a sip of comedy and a dose of inspiration! 🍹

Shattering the glass on International Women's Day!

Unleash the power of purple in this International Women's Day special of Mixed Feelings Over Mixed Drinks where Lilly and Julie are joined by special guest Pinky Ghelani! 🍹 Lilly, Julie, and Pinky are stirring up trouble (and drinks) as they fumble their way through crafting the berry-licious Purple Rain cocktail - inspired by the vibrant 2024 IWD hue. Spoiler: It's a mixology adventure that's anything but smooth, but a guaranteed giggle fest! Dive into their self-care rituals from facials to reflexology to self-care mishaps like eyelash extensions gone wild, and get inspired by their personal journeys of #InspiringInclusion, from globe-trotting with daughters to solo adventures to empowering all-women teams. It's a celebration of sisterhood, self-care, and the spirit of inclusion, all served up with a side of Purple Rain. 🌍✨

Sports, Soul Food, Smoke and Spice!

🎉 Get ready for a laughter-filled rendezvous with Shazz and Lilly in the latest uproarious installment of Mixed Feelings Over Mixed Drinks! 🍹 Dive into a lively conversation packed with hilarious anecdotes, heartfelt reflections, and a dash of spice as they recap their holiday adventures, swap tales of comfort foods, and celebrate the inspiring women who light up our world. Plus, prepare your taste buds for a tantalizing treat as they concoct a Smoke & Spice cocktail, infused with fresh local flavors that you can easily make at home. Don't miss out on this delightful blend of comedy, camaraderie, and cocktails - tune in now for an unforgettable experience


Cozy time! Short shorts, shukas, ookubs, chamas and more!

Julie and Lilly are wide open as they take on 'appropriate' attire for the young, the thick, the 'older' woman. Are you Team Short Short or Team Shuka? They tackle the strength of community when it comes to money, the holidays, and why they are treasuring people not stuff this year.

Christmas Pudding, Mince Pies, 500 Shillings, Oh my!

It's the holidays! Julie and Lilly discuss their favorite traditions, gift budgets and the clash of (dessert) cultures. Have you had a trifle - is it delicious? Asking for a friend :) Join us as we crack up and mix it up!

To Drink or Not to Drink

Lilly & Julie discuss being (not) popular in high school and what role drinking should play in their lives. What drink should Lilly & Julie make next? Send us your idea at: .


Tattoos, Piercings & Staying on the Ground

Lilly & Julie discuss tattoos, piercings & staying on the ground over mint juleps! What drink should Lilly & Julie make next? Send us your idea at: .


Good friends and good conversations hold the secrets of life. Sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet - usually unexpected - they keep us connected. Join Lilly and Julie as they mix it up and share the goodness with you!

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